Posted by: HER Manager | March 19, 2010

Tell us what you know!

Do you have information on an archaeological site, monument or find?  Have you discovered something new? If so we would like to here from you.  We are continuously updating and enhancing the Historic Environment Record. If your information regards a site already recorded on Archwilio, please quote the Primary Reference Number for the record.



  1. Hi,I’ve been very interested in a memorial stone to a person called “Tegernacus” situated in a field near Capel Brithdir,above New Tredegar,I have visited the site myself and all that’s there now is a concrete marker post informing me that the original stone was removed to the museum at Cardiff,unfortunately no-one at the museum knows of it,do you have any information as it’s not marked on your map? here is a link about it
    Thanks Tony Evans

    • Hi Tony,
      Thank you for your post and link, unfortunately our records also indicate that the stone went to the National Museum. However, the site is called ‘Maen Teyron’ on the HER; perhaps the museum would identify better with that name? If you’d like to view the site on Archwilio it is listed as 00646m. Our files contain information from the Royal Commission who mention it in their inventory book, noting that it is dedicated to the son of Tegernacus, and the site is also a Scheduled Ancient Monument. We would suggest contacting Cadw as well as the National Museum, if you’d like further information or to view our paper records please don’t hesitate to give us a bell on 01792634225 or email on

      • Thanks for that,I’ll look into it,I’d love to see the stone or at least what it looks’ like,shame it’s not on display at the museum in Cardiff

  2. Hello,

    Iron age enclosure in danger of destruction.

    I can see what looks to be such a feature on the lower left side of a quarry in Kenfig Hill/Cefn Cribwr. It is just above a post medieval gully labelled 04683m. Further along the same edge i can see a banked and ditched feature with an entrance. This is to the right of an unknown site labelled 04781w. The image on my google earth is clearer than that presented by your search engine.

    It would have been nice to leave my comments in Welsh.


    • Hi Dafydd,
      thank you very much for the information. I will pass this onto our Heritage Management team to look into. You are absolutely welcome to leave your comments in Welsh on the website.

  3. I love the site as there is so much information available for anyone interested in archaeology or history in their areas. I am also a avid metal detector (I can feel the tension already), but this information allows me to know where NOT to go. I have also passed on information of finds made nearby areas already noted which has allowed further inclusions.

    • Thanks Alun! Its good to know you are finding the site useful and that it helps you to identify sites not to carry out detecting on. We absolutely support responsible metal detectoring and reporting of information to appropriate bodies.

  4. seems like a brilliant idea, but obviously needs a BIG push to encourage any1 and every1 to become involved… last entry march 19th 2010… now u need to get the msg out there….I only came across it by accident, was looking for news about small business investment, from the WA..curiosity got the better of me, as I am involved in heritage and archaeology.

    • Thank you for your comment. The latest news items can be found by going to Glamorgan Gwent Archaeological Trust area and News, this is constantly updated with our latest news.
      We appreciate your views, Archwilio was launched on the 1st July and we have numerous events in the pipeline at which we will be promoting the site. Our main aim now is the continued promotion of Archwilio, to ensure its growth.

  5. Hi Charina and Paul

    This looks fantastic! Will it look the same for all of us? I’ll send you something about volunteering/work experience opportunities at DAT in a few minutes, but I’ll leave Latest news for nearer to the launch date.


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