Posted by: HER Manager | March 3, 2010

Let us know what you think about Archwilio. Beth yw’ch barn chi am Archwilio?

We welcome your feedback! Please tell us about your experience of the Archwilio website.



  1. Hi everyone,
    the Archwilio App is now back up and running! Thank you for your patience.

  2. What has happened to the Archwilio app? I would like to download it to a new phone but url from Archwilio web page doesn’t work, neither can I find any trace of it by searching Playstore.

    • Hi Jenny,
      due to an account administration problem, the file has been removed from the Google Play Store, we are working on getting it uploaded again and hope it will be available soon.

  3. Hi, I had to reset my phone, now i am unable to get archwilio, it is no longer on Google play. please advise as this was a very useful app for detectorists

    • Hi Adrian,
      we are aware of the problem and apolgise for the time it is taking to sort it out. The file has been removed from the Google Play store and we are working on getting back up there. We will let people know when it is available again.

  4. Hello
    I’ve been using the app for sometime, exploring the accessible sites with my son. Recently the markers haven’t bee showing up on my s3 or hudl 2. I was going to download the app to reinstall but its no longer available in the Play store. Has the app been removed/stopped? Its quite frustrating as its superb app and has given me and my lad hours of enjoyment.

  5. Is the project still supported as the Archwilio app doesn’t appear to be working anymore on my Samsung Galaxy S3. No map markers/sites of interest appear and I have tried it using wi-fi and mobile data. I have also tried reinstalling but to no avail. It used to work great but no longer. A friend of mine tried the app on a Samsung Galaxy S5 and has experienced the exact same problems.

    • Thanks for letting us know. We’ll look into it and get back to you.

  6. Invaluable material, but the website design makes it difficult to find and to use. When I find an interesting record I can’t bookmark it in my browser. can’t send a link to a collaborator. The records are not visible to search engines, so they don’t show up in Google searches.

    • Hi Richard thanks for your feedback. What you suggest would definitely be useful features to add to the site in the future.

  7. Great site with a possibility for a vast amount of input from all members concerned. Unfortunately when I try to upload new sites and finds it occasionally cuts off,.

    • Hi Alan,
      Thank you for your post and feedback, I’m glad you are finding the site useful. Could you please confirm if it is the App or the website that is cutting off occasionally? I wonder if this might be down to network signal if it is the app, I will inform the app/web designers to look into this.

  8. Doesn’t work on two of my 3 Android devices. And on the other one, the details and photos take ages to download, or don’r download at all. Will be uninstalling the app.

    • Hi Colin,
      Thank you for your post, I am sorry it is not working on your devices. Would you mind please letting us know what devices you have tried it on and what kind of operating system? The app is designed for version 2.3 and later; might the be the reason why is not working smoothly?

  9. Having just used Archwillio to complete my final MA essay, I would like to say thank you for how easy the website is to use and how much information it contains! I found the Archwillio interface very user-friendly and think the approach of a single portal to access all four HERs in Wales is brilliant. I have recently done a study on online HER provision in England and Wales, trying to identify their purpose and value. Archwillio came out on top in my view for its accessibility, ability to engage and willingness to include enough information to allow the general researcher to work independently, without having to contact the lovely HER people directly and take up their time with small queries. The quality of the GIS system is fantastic and I spent hours looking at all the archaeology in my area. As a teacher I can see huge potential for use in school, allowing pupils to investigate the archaeology around them which isn’t always an easy thing to do! I will certainly be promoting the use of Archwillio in the future!

    • Lucy-Ann, thanks very much for your praise. It’s great to see that the site is achieving its goals and the fact that you found it easy to use is very reassuring. We also hope that it will become a valuable tool for use in schools.

  10. It looks like an excellent site.

    Unfortunately it will be completely unusable for me and many others who are ONLY able (allowed) to use Internet Explorer. This is POSSIBLY why others have said they cannot use it.

    It seems quite incredible that anyone should develop a website of this importance without it being available to the most popular web browser!

    Is this omission going to change?



    • Thanks for the comment Andy, the Archwilio website is available for Internet Explorer. The site works in both IE 7 and 8 (these are available to download beneath the map on the Archwilio main page). However, due to the problems with IE 6 it was decided early on not to support this browser (IE6 was launched August 2001 making it 9 years old). You’ll find that a large amount of websites cannot be view properly in this browser and this is why companies like google, iphone, facebook and others dropped IE6.
      If you are having problems viewing the pages please feel free to contact me direct at
      Paul Huckfield
      GGAT Web Manager

  11. When I clicked on ‘Glamorgan’ a banner comes up across the page directing you to visit the GGAT’s main website. This obscures the bottom of the ‘Search’ box, effectively making it impossible to search the main site.

    The same happens when you use the ‘search a record’ menu on the right hand side.

    • Dear Mr Hutchinson,
      Do you mean that when you click on the county of Glamorgan or the word ‘Glamorgan’ on one of the archwilio pages that these banners appear? If it is the former then the banners that you refer to are known as alternitive texts and are part of the sites accessibility features. These banners are required so that people with visual disabilities can use the the page correctly.
      These only appear for a few seconds and dissapear if you move your cursor, they in no way hinder the user from clicking on the link.
      If you are still having problems please feel free to email me directly at

  12. I think Archwilio is GREAT!

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