Posted by: HER Manager | August 13, 2013

Grey Literature Reports Now Available

Archaeological Grey Literature reports are now available on Archwilio as PDFs.  At the moment those uploaded are GGAT reports only.  However, we are working with other organisations to upload their reports held by the HER.  More news will be posted here when these become available. 

Posted by: HER Manager | March 19, 2010

Tell us what you know!

Do you have information on an archaeological site, monument or find?  Have you discovered something new? If so we would like to here from you.  We are continuously updating and enhancing the Historic Environment Record. If your information regards a site already recorded on Archwilio, please quote the Primary Reference Number for the record.

Found out something interesting on Archwilio and would like to tell us about it?  Perhaps you’ve found a mistake or just want to share your thoughts about an archaeological site or monument.  Here is the place to do it! Please quote the Archwilio record Primary Reference Number in your comment so the correct record can be identified.  For more information on a record please see our Enquiries page.

Eisiau dweud wrthym am rywbeth diddorol ry’ch chi wedi darganfod ar Archwilio? Efallai eich bod wedi sylwi gwall neu dim ond eisiau rhannu meddyliau am safle neu gofeb archaeolegol. Dyma’r lle i’w wneud! Dyfynnwch y prif rif cyfeirnod o’r cofnod Archwilio yn eich sylwadau er mwyn i ni ddod o hyd i’r cofnod cywir.  Am fwy o wybodaeth ar gofnod, gweler ein tudalen Ymholiadau.

We welcome your feedback! Please tell us about your experience of the Archwilio website.